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Xi'an Massage Guide

Xi'an Guide to Authentic Chinese Massage

In the 2000 year old history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ancient capital of Xi'an has played a key role in the development of traditional massage techniques. Chinese massage is still an important part of every day life, practiced throughout the many parlors and spas in the city.

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One of the most popular and fun experiences in Xi'an are different types of foot massage, and herbal foot spa for a perfect relaxation after a long walk the Terracotta Warriors or Mt. Huashan. Pressure is applied to acupuncture points in the souls of the feet to relieve tension, promote health and improve circulation.

Whole body massage is also a popular form of traditional massage known as "Tui Na". Similar to acupressure, it is focused in stretching, pushing and kneading of muscles. Chinese massage is applied while fully clothed, without applying oils and usually lasts and hour.

For the adventurous there is even cupping therapy, where cups are placed on the skin to create a suction which not only leaves red marks on the skin, but promotes healing and blood flow!

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